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Percy Hale Sheaffe
Roger Hale Sheaffe
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The First Sheaffes in Australia

Capt William Sheaffe (1798 - 1860)

The existence of the Sheaffe family in Australia is due to William Sheaffe. Born in Dublin, the second son of William Sheaffe of Mallow and Mary O'Meara (or Wright). William is a nephew of General Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe. He came to Australia a Lieutenant of the 50th Regiment aboard the 'Surrey' in 1834, served in Wollongong NSW and Norfolk Island, was promoted to Captain in 1840 and retired in 1841.
He purchased property known as "Stream Hill" at West Dapto NSW. The property still stands today (2001) & the local Heritage Society is keen to see it restored.
wpe84777.gif (10343 bytes) William lies to rest at the Osborne Memorial Church, Dapto, where he was a prominent member.
Name Birth/Death Married Children
Capt William Sheaffe b. 11/9/1798 (or 1800 or 1801?) Dublin, Ireland
d. 17/12/1860 Dapto, NSW Australia
31st May, 1825
Rosalie Danvers Earle, Isle of Wight
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Descendants of Capt William Sheaffe
Mary Susan b. 26/7/1826
Isle of Wight
d. 23/8/1905
Graves Seawright
Frederick Sydney
William Liempriere Frederick b. 25/11/1827
Newport,  Isle of Wight
d. 31/10/1863
Bowen, Queensland
Percy Hale

Percy Hale Sheaffe at the grave of his grandparents, Percy Hale & Hannah Marie Sheaffe at Milton. Photo circa 1980's, Paul Sheaffe.
b. 11/11/1832
Galway Cork Ireland
d. 1/6/1913
Milton NSW Australia
Hanna Maria Ashmore
Holy Trinity, Sydney Australia
William Ashmore 1860
Rosalie Emily 1861
Alfred Percy 1863
Agnes Talbet 1865
Roger 1866
Henry Percy 1868
Ellen 1869
Elizabeth Throsby 1871
George 1874
Roger Hale b. 9/4/1837
Wollongong NSW
d. 1/12/1895
Brisbane QLD
Isabel Maria Robertson William Frederick Earle 1876
Roger Hale 1877
Isabel Lempriere 1879
Percy Lempriere 1883
Emily Margaret b. 1839 Wollongong
d. 1897 Lausanne, Switzerland
Charles Wheeler
Henry 1865
Guy Danvers 1868
George Henry b. 20/1/1841 Wollongong
d. 1932
September 1873
Amy Caroline Gerard
Henry 1875
Rosalie Gerrard 1875
Annette Caroline 1876
Madeline Francis 1880
Edith Earle 1883
Amy Gertrude
George Lempriere 1887
Carrie Danvers 1891
Rosabird b. 1/1846 Wollongong
d. 14/6/1913 London
Ellen b. 23/8/1845 Wollongong
d. London
Agnes b. 7/8/1847
d. 20/8/1922 London
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