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William Sheaffe


Sheaffe Ancestors in America & Ireland

William Sheaf of Charlestown

William of Charlestown is the earliest ancestor that can be established with certainty. His parentage is uncertain & it is not know whether he was born in England or America. No doubt he descends from the Sheafes from Cranbrook as his children's names are the same as those used by the family in Cranbrook. It is possible he was the son of John & Martha of London according to Christening records in London. If so, then our ancestry can be traced back to 1480 and is summarised in our English Ancestors.

William married 3 times.
(Now there's a lot of Williams in here, so hang in there, I still get confused too.)

Name Birth/Death Married Children
William Sheaf b. 1659 15/8/1672 Ruth Wood (or Webb) d. 16/12/1677


2/3/1703 Elizabeth Penny d. 7/8/1713

Margaret 1673
William 1677
Rebecca 1679

Edward 1682
William 1683
Mary 1685

Descendants of William Sheaf of Charlestown
Margaret b. 12/5/1673 Richard Stratton
William d. 1677-78
Rebecca b. 17/11/1679 d. 1680
Edward b. 10/4/1682 Mary Cater Six girls & 1 boy, Edward.
Edward m. Abigail Pearce 27/7/1732 & had 11 children.
Apparently their descendants have retained the surname Sheaf or Sheaff.
William b. 3/2/1683

bap 13/11/1688 Suffolk

d. 14/10/1718

13/1/1704 Mary (Davies) Longfellow See below
William 1705
Nathaniel 1707 
Mary 1710
Benjamin 1711
James 1713
Anne 1715-1720
Ebenezer 1717-1718
Mary b. 14/1/1685
d. 1/1702

Descendants of William & Mary Sheaf (above)

William bap 13/1/1705 Suffolk, Charlestown 1/10/1752 Susannah Child Trinity Church, Suffolk, Boston 12 children as per next page
Nathaniel bap 17/3/1707
Mary bap 14/3/1710
Benjamin bap 13/2/1711
James bap 5/1/1713
Anne bap 19/2/1715 d. 1720
Ebenezer bap 2/2/1717 d. 1718
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