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Sheaffe's Orchid Nursery was established in Brunswick Heads in the late '60s & for over 35 years and carried a large range of indoor plants, tropical orchids and crucifix orchids. Percy Sheaffe once had arguably the largest collection of the most colours available anywhere.
Due to advancing age & retreating health, it is no longer trading as a nursery to the public. And, sadly, Percy Sheaffe passed away in December, 2008, aged 91 years. More here

However, the nursery is no more, closed permanently, & there are no orchids for sale now.

June Sheaffe is an acclaimed florist.

She has "retired" as the area's key Interflora florist.
She now continues to maintain their wonderful garden.

Percy Sheaffe has always been a keen gardener and orchid grower & has a wide range of advanced orchids in his personal collection, gathered over many, many years. He specialised in crucifix orchids, & has many varieties in his collection.

Growing Crucifix Orchids

Crucifix Orchids (Reedstem Epidendrums) are one of the easiest orchids to grow, thriving in almost any climate except severe frosts.

They grow in pots or open beds, preferring a sunny position, or may be grown in any sunny, frost free position.

They tolerate nearly any medium, from well manured soil to rather coarse composts which include some soil, sand, peat moss, rice hulls, peanut shells, charcoal, bark or cow manure, according to whatever is available. They appreciate plenty of water.

Diseases and pests are few, the main pest being the dendrobium beetle which may be caught by hand or sprayed with Rogor 40 or similar pesticides.

Propagation is easy, by aerial shoots (Kikis) which form on old flower stems, and, when rooted may be potted up as new plants.
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