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Percy Hale Sheaffe (1832-1913)

Percy came to Australia as a child with his parents Lieutenant William Ashmore and Rosalie Danvers Earle in 1834. He grew up on the farm at Dapto and later purchased the property "Waterfall Farm" at Yatte Yattah, near Milton NSW. He held positions of Magistrate and  Coroner, and was commissioned as Captain of the Volunteer Rifles at Milton. He and his wife, Hannah, are buried near the homestead at Yatte Yattah.
Name Birth/Death Married Children
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Percy Hale Sheaffe
b. 11/11/1832 Galway Cork Ireland
d. 1/6/1913 Milton NSW Australia
Hannah Maria Ashmore
Holy Trinity, Sydney Australia
Descendants of Percy Hale Sheaffe
William Ashmore b. 12/3/1860 Milton NSW
d. 2/8/1947 Goonengerry NSW
m. 17/3/1917
Cecil Nelson Percy Whittall
Percy Hale 1917
William Ashmore 1919
Howard Edward Percy 1921
John Henry 1923
Grace Hannah 1925
Roger George 1927
Rosalie b. 1861 unmarried  
Alfred Percy b. 1865 unmarried  
Agnes Talbot b. 1866 George Frederick Martin Stanley Winston Earle 1900
Mary Agnes 1902
John Percy 1903
George Alfred 1905
Hilda Emily 1908
Edna Rose 1911
Roger b. 1866
d. 1927
Amy Violet Ilet George Hale 1904
Vivian Bennet 1907-1950
Leslie Allen 1911
Henry b. 1868 unmarried  
Ellen b. 1869 Harry Cork Percy Hale
Arthur Henry
Hilda 1909
Elizabeth b. 1871 George Ilet George
Lydia Portia
George b. 1874 unmarried  
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