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Roger Hale Sheaffe (1837-1895)

Roger Hale was the third son of Lt William & Rosalie Danvers Sheaffe and the first Sheaffe birth in Australia at Wollongong in 1837. He accompanied his parents to Norfolk Is and later grew up on his father's farm at Stream Hill, Dapto. In partnership he explored and pioneered new grazing pastures in the North & Western Qld until they discovered Copper deposits and commenced mining operations in the Cloncurry district. Roger was elected as the independent member for Bourke in Qld Parliament in 1878 and was elected Mayor of Sandgate in 1892. He is buried at Toowong cemetery.
Name Birth/Death Married Children
Roger Hale Sheaffe b. 9/4/1837(or 38?)
Wollongong NSW
d. 1/12/1895
Brisbane QLD
1874 Isabel Maria Robertson, Wollongong William Frederick Earle
Roger Hale
Isabel Lempriere
Percy Lempriere
Descendants of Roger Hale Sheaffe
William Frederick Earle b. 2/1/1876 "Yarandi", Scone
d. 26/11/1941 Sydney
10/2/1906 Emily Ellen Wade, Drummoyne, Sydney Roger Wade 1907
John Robertson 1911
Roger Hale b. 1/3/1877 "Yarandi", Scone
d. 24/12/1948 Hay
1911 Charlotte Olivia Campbell Roger Hale 1912
Walter Robertson & James Campbell (twins) 1914
Isabel Lempriere b. 1/1/1879 Scone
Percy Lempriere b. 1/10/1883 Brisbane
d. 26/1/1963
Catherine Isabel Gordon 1917
Jean Lempriere Gordon 1919
Robertson Gordon 1920
Percy Hale Gordon 1921
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