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William Sheaffe (1705-1771)

William, the eldest son of William & Mary Sheaf, was baptised in Suffolk, Charlestown in 1705. He married Susannah Child in Suffolk, Boston in 1752 as William Sheaffe. The spelling of the surname on his birth certificate differs from that on his marriage certificate. All the descendants have used the latter spelling. The Australian Sheaffes are the only surviving descendants with the same surname.

William graduated from Harvard College in 1723 & for 40 years was connected with the customs house of Boston becoming Deputy Collector of Customs.

Name Birth/Baptised/Death Married
William bap 13/1/1705 Suffolk, Charlestown
d. 29/11/1771
1/10/1752 Susannah Child Trinity Church, Suffolk, Boston as William Sheaffe 12 children as below
Descendants of William Sheaffe
Susannah bap 3/4/1754 Ponsonby Molesworth
Nathaniel bap 1/5/1755 unmarried Merchant in Jamaica
Thomas bap 10/10/1756 unmarried Merchant in Boston
Isabella bap 11/9/1757
Mary bap 15/9/1758
Margaret bap 16/11/1760 R. Livingston, New York
Mary bap 16/5/1762 Benjamin Clark, Boston Cutler of Boston
Roger Hale bap 17/8/1763 Margaret Coffin Major-General British Army
Anne bap 22/7/1764 John Erwing, Boston
James bap 21/3/1766 d. young
Helen bap 10/1/1769 5/9/1793 James Lovell
William bap 1/7/1770
d. 1812
Mary O'Meara or Wright
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